At the start

Welcome to our web site for the Pum Chom Free English School in Cambodia.

Brendan and Lynn O’Neill

We first went to Cambodia in 2009 to visit what is a fairly untouched country in terms of western tourists , although on the  ‘backpackers’ route !

Whilst touring the south coast, we visited the Ream National Park which is a mix of extensive waterways feeding in to an untouched jungle and forest area.  On the trek we began speaking to one of the rangers, Chanra Sok,  a Cambodian National, who clearly had a passion for his local community, 20 kms up the coast outside of Sihanoukville.  His passion was to deliver free education and simple medical help to the large numbers of impoverished families in the surrounding area.

Throughout our travels we had been very impressed by the Cambodian people’s resolve to come back from the atrocities of the Khmer Rouge conflicts of the mid 70′s and the destruction of a fertile land through bombing during the Vietnam/Cambodian War.  The people are determined to progress and education for them is the key to self sufficiency and a better future.

Chanra Sok felt with help he could make a real difference and given his passion and sincerity we were determined to support him .  Almost immediately he commenced the building of the school.  Some of the pictures below show the initial land clearance and building progress.

One Response to “At the start”

  1. David Johnston October 17, 2011 at 3:11 pm #

    Brilliant work and well done to everyone involved.

    David Johnston

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